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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 31, 2010 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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the line from the bay area new station and this is the kron 4 morning news. >> here we are at 4:00 a.m. looking next inferences go from about him. you can see it is new year's eve obviously will counted down to the ringing. for the dropping of the ball in time square. let's find out what the forecast has in store. >> and this morning once again waking up to cold temperatures be prepared when you step outside the door. we are expecting another very cool morning. the afternoon we have changes increasing clouds today
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and rain certainly expected for tonight. you're sure news new year's forecast. the breeze will pick up in the afternoon and as we head into your new year's eve chance of rain. nothing to have the but it could be wet for your new year's eve festivities. we will see light rain off and on through your new year's day as well. starting off with cold temperatures once again. still below freezing through the napa valley 31 into fairfield 33 for santa rosa. we should get down to the freezing mark as well as the sun rises. 35 for livermore, 36 in concord. overall a chilly morning. your satellite radar continues to show us that cool air streaming into our area moving out of the gulf of alaska. expecting a cold front to bring in some showers
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later today. by 8:00 p.m. the few sprinkles and the north bay by the 9:00 p.m. our chance of showers down a lot of the peninsula. as we head towards midnight we will continue with the chance, midnight as well. ride around the time you will want to be out and about you may want your umbrella with you. . we saturday morning you can see the right to pick up a bit. then the rest of the day saturday just paper and off and becoming a scattered in nature. 7 day around the bay shores expected throughout the weekend. nothing heavy just really like on and off-hours. slight chance on monday, trying out next week. >> and we are following the aftermath of the fatal accidents out of or oakland. 66 avenue
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northbound 880 was shut down for good number of hours out there. emergency crews and the quarter just left the scene. i just heard the on ramp just reopened to traffic not causing anything in a way of delays any more. a quick bridge check westbound 80 your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza nice light conditions to cars on the approach right now headed toward some francisco. those lights are cycled off. also following light traffic at the san mateo bridge clear shot through the toll plaza no problems in either direction expression on the right hand side of your screen traffic headed toward the peninsula. golden gate bridge same story they're just a couple of cars on the road. looks like an ambulance towards the toll plaza right now no problems wrote the county. in
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>> san francisco setting up for the big celebration jonathan blum takes a closer look at a party preparations. >> police are not actually planning to close streets around embarcadero but experience tells them they might have to. as more people pile into the plazas around the building those people will probably spill into this treats forcing them to bring out the barricades. they will probably close the embarcadero at mission street. if you're driving north howard is probably where you'll turn left. at fisherman's wharf you might find barriers that washington street. since the traffic will likely be bumper- to-bumper they said turn right on a battery and avoid the mess. after the fireworks if you're one of the people crowding around the ferry building you will want to go home. if you're in the city year and let me will be free from 8:00 p.m. until
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6:00 a.m.. if your boss line starts at 1:00 a.m. for one night only it will run until 2:15 a.m.. if you're running cal train you will ride free starting at 1115. our will run late as well until 3:00 a.m.. to keep stations from being overcrowded they are dividing what trains stop border. trains headed to or from richmond and before front will skip embarcadero. to or from fremont will stop at embarcadero but will skip montgomery. part will not be free. >> half a million people expected tonight police are making sure they are ready for anything. kay thompson has more on that. >> what sam francisco is gearing up for the celebration on friday evening as heavy focus on safety
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and security. half a million people expected to pour into san francisco to celebrate. 250,000 of those will be right here watching fireworks all along the embarcadero. the police are ready and cracking down on drug thing. there will be zero tolerance for open containers underage drinking and driving under the influence. police will also set up a deal by checkpoints. >> we want people to, and have fun and do so in a safe manner. anybody who thinks they can drive back will drop because fairness save some money is making a grave mistake. gwen >> and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 happy new year combined! >> that that was the dry run in new york this it is made of
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crystal weighs 12,000 lbs. and obviously all systems are go to the test wet wild 1 million people expected to crowd that area in time square. as you get ready to pop the bubble leak and celebrate the new year pick the right champagne it can be difficult to do. >> so you want to bring the new year in with a bottle of bubbly. had to the champagne section in you might be scared out of the wine store. it depends on what you're looking for. >> the king called champagne if it's from that area of france. but it's up for its $50 for champagne. if you want sparkling wine it comes from different places spanish, different places
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like chile you can get those four are and maybe hundred 30. >> the main difference is the type of grape used. you can pick up a sparkler that is almost identical to champagne. >> this is what it's a california wine is made by french champagne house. but it is a california house. these traditional grapes. >> and if you're still not run into champagne there is another thing to consider. vintage and on vintage. >> about the only declared vintages in the best years they also age them bonkers standards. >> you can see the price difference but what about the taste. >> they are aged longer the bottle.
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>> what should pick the hard part is not over. if hurt if people being injured by flying court preventing that. >> and hold the court and was a bottle and that helped ease it out. technical way is a whisper. but i think people like to hear the pop. >> in it on have to leave your captain your house to watch new year's we out to sea and tonight at 11:00 p.m. and then the 1130 for the party. we will be back with more moment. let's go back outside to give you from our roof camera showing you downtown. it is to the import of buildings but there.
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for all 9:00 a.m. police department's investigation pleased shootings. in the case of san francisco the city held a
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meeting to talk about the violent outcome of that shooting. >> san francisco police chief ordered supervisors president david and commissioner digit angela channing was among those who gathered to address the public's concern regarding the deadly officer involved shooting on beacon street wednesday afternoon. she says the officers who shot and killed 46 year-old stabbing suspect acted lawfully. when the officers arrived they found him with the scalpel in his hand when they demanded he drop the weapon he says he tried to assault the officers that's when the officer shot and killed him. he had a long history of mental illness it's one thing people focused on. >> what size was a person with a knife? >> the outcome could of been
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different if there were equipped with lasers. >> and is it possible a taser committed difference? it is possible. i don't speculate but i know there has been a few incidents when we head officers injured and others injured were at taser committed difference. >> and commissioner says taser should not be used when somebody has a mental list. >> they're not foolproof weapons. somebody has madison are all called as with the mentally ill person a combination with the taser could result in death. >> the officers are in on administrative leave. reggie. >> a man pulled up on what an officer that officer hit the man who later died. a hunting knife
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was taken from the scene hayward police are not releasing name of a suspect or the officer's identity. san leandro woman was killed in car rentals was what happens among the shooting happened wednesday night on bancroft near 100 night in oakland across from the border. two officers were in pursuit of a stolen judge or when it spun out and crashed at this location. when it did the male passenger got out of the cartridge run off. the female driver stayed behind the wheel. among one officer was trying to take a suspect into the custody the driver of the vehicle capt. revving the engine the officer feared she was coined to run him over. the other officer who feared for the safety and shot. >> the driver died a short time later the male suspect was taken into custody for resisting
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arrest and possession of a stolen car car. >> raymond didn't want his face shown did not want his. he says earlier in the day he offered them a ride well outside this 98 avenue liquor store. >> they wanted to shop and what i give them a ride. >> he took them to the safeway the three separated but when he returned to the car it was gone. >> and i couldn't believe that when you give somebody ride why would you take from them. >> oakland police department is investigating the shooting. san leandro is looking at the bath from liquor store and the vehicle theft. in san leandro kron 4 is. >> police shot a man by an
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officer in san jose was not in often of home invasion that there were investigating as first reported. he had been spotted 20 minutes before that incident tuesday night. they opened fire when the driver was try to run them down. >> much more straight ahead on morning news let's go outside and give you a quick look as we go a shot of the golden gate bridge. a light ride across the bridge itself. we will be right back.
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let's talk about the weather another cold morning we are dealing with as we head out the door. >> we are dry this morning but cold once again. it will be similar to what we saw yesterday temperatures in the 30's could dip down into the 20's as we head through the next couple of hours. afternoon partly cloudy every is picking up toward the end of the day and rain expected to send just a light rain but we could actually have light rain
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for your new year's eve festivities. current temperatures below freezing and napa, fairfield as well 334 santa rosa san francisco 44 so deals chile in san francisco and we are in the 30's and san rafael as well. 39 for oakland, hayward and down and fremont as well. satellite radar shows us what's going on right now clear conditions however all these clouds out of the pacific will push and. when they do so we will see some showers pushing into the northwestern state and moving south over night. it looks like we could see a few raindrops and the forecast we will take you through and show you what to expect. by 8:00 p.m. a few sprinkles in the north bay better chance through the 9:00 or, by 11:00 p.m. light rain, by midnight most locations seeing a
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chance of wet weather. this continues until early saturday morning hours, we actually could see moderate downpours coming down as we head into early saturday morning hours, light hit or miss showers throughout the day saturday. 78 hour around the bay shows what we can for you, but nothing can be just very light showers. as we head into next week after monday looks like we will dryout, maybe the sunshine. >> getting you out the door friday morning, and no slow spots or accidents, traffic moving well all over the bay area, friday late and, holiday light at the toll plaza no overnight construction for so all lanes open. traffic moves will through your ride across the span, a, nine minutes toward san francisco. san mateo bridge
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no problems westbound, eastbound 92 no back up at the toll plaza, no problems getting to the bridge same-store for the golden gate bridge set now 101 ghost town conditions barely any cars on the road making the award way towards san francisco. crosstown for the west and very good shape can even see cars on the james lick, eastbound central. it looks like that has been cleared. >> for 6:00 p.m. county authorities found no body of goldman. rescue crews thursday morning discovered the body of a woman who went missing while snowboarding at a lake tahoe- area resort. searchers spotted the body of shawnte marie willis, 25, of tahoma from a helicopter. they were lowereshe0 freight on the backside of the
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property. it appears right now this sometime during day one she succumbed to to injuries and the weather. we will not know for certain until we get the autopsy performed. >> she became separated from her family. they described her as a strong athlete but they were worried about her epilepsy and said it could be triggered by the extreme stress of being lost in the snow. >> only one highway bleeding into the summit part in it is now been closed. a large boulder slammed into the road no one was hurt by the chp is not taking chances entrances shut down for the night all the roadway will reopen tomorrow. for snow bay snow survey this net snowpack is
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twice as big is usual and that is good news for communities and farmers. >> its own rituals that takes place five times a year in this open metal. the results are encouraging, 55 in. of snowfall despite all nemea weather pattern. >> we have of phenomenal snowpack this early in the season. >> no surprise to skiers and ski resorts who had their person answers. >> i said give me 8 ft. by thanksgiving and i got done, and down 12 ft. by christmas, a great start. >> it's not this no doubt that counted so water count. the water content here is twice what it was last year. >> water is being released to make room for more water and to guard against flooding. the
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pattern we talked about. water watchers are worried this may be as good as it gets. >> as we work through the season the pattern is january, february are not so good. >> last year water was saved by april storms. storm service say that is like trying to read tea leaves. they will survey yet four more times. we will take a break at 4:21 a.m. a look inside and let's check, ride in the south bay. 1 01 in san jose looking good headlights of a downgrade by the guadalupe over cross. good but cold.
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meanwhile control burned in marin made smoke over the ridge in its turn that tend yesterday morning and did that to the afternoon. firefighters say there were clearing brush when i got out of hand. she beaches remain closed for more than a week after also a local bacteria was found routine testing found
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high contents the beaches were closed at december 22nd they will remain off limits until further testing is done which one have been until monday. a pregnant cattle in castro valley has been rescued. she fell into well. they helped out the drain the water from the well eventually lifting it out with a crane. >> 1,000 lb. cow fell into the well that's about 15-15 20 ft. deep. the water level was three- quarters full. when we arrived on scene the farmer had eight roper around the cow's neck. >> the farmer was overjoyed when the count was rescued. a barrier has built around the town well.
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>> jury brown is staying quiet he plans an extension. the governor has to grow propose a budget for the 2011-2012 year. sacramento bee kirk reporting brown will propose extending tax cuts. whenever way set hollywood's this lapse in trauma center and o'clock. >> 2010 got off to the bank at the movies. 3 the adventure average heartburn $2.8 billion at the box office becoming the highest grossing film ever. it won three academy awards. the
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storm did dominated late night and deceit of jay leno, from primetime to his original spot. ) o'brien who had been hosting a show for seven months protested. eventually allowing he left the network and launches new show. a year of health problems for rocker turn reality tv star brett michaels. it when an emergency appendectomy. he underwent more emergency surgery. >> on not taking this is a joke it's my life >> lindsay low hantavirus was 90 days in jail for violating her probation on from driving. she only spent 13 days behind bars before she was freed because of
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overcrowding. the september issue was sentenced to one month behind bars for failing a drug test. she was out on bail on after 14 hours. she is in court ordered recapped in till january. a bitter child custody dispute. a restraining order against the after alleging assault gibson has denied claims of abuse. and i you want a number of my therapist >> obscenity laced france claims to show and in the midst of pilot grants we have not verified the shot and the city of those recordings. betty white got a guest hosting spot on saturday night live. she earned her sixth emmy for her appearance. no awards show stunt drew more attention in 2010 than
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lady gaga stresses at mtv awards the performer and expect accepted that in a dress made of cassandra and note reporting. >> 4:20 a.m. we will be back. a shock from loved him can be a false start for this morning. initially will debut " the worst
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all lookit the golden gate richard commute not to bad. whether wise but another chilly start. >> temperatures are colder it will be another cold start for your day. the bay bridge approach shows clear conditions however as we head towards a live report if your day changes. oakland 37 degrees right now, chile in the east bank, 51 by
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noon, 54 for your height, 40's by 8:00 p.m.. your new year's eve forecast for today partly cloudy and breezy towards the end of the day. chance of rain for new year's eve rain around midnight the time lot of folks are celebrating probably picking up some raindrops out there. how the young girl luck handy. new year's day continuing to see light rain on and off through the day. not a significant storm but definitely could get wet weather. chilly temperatures we are in the freezing mark for santa rosa conlon also napa off 30 degrees, 31 in through fairfield, 33 in livermore, sentences the 44 but as you head south 39 degrees and redwood city, 30 along the coast of hudson bay this morning. future cast 4 shows you when the
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lincoln sedan, a p.m. the few sprinkles the north bank, will continue to see that chance 3 the evening until midnight hour, into a 1:00 a.m. as well, we will see showers as we head into your new year's day on and off throughout much of the day. the sierra what you can expect if you're headed in that direction and snow showers today, more likely through the evening hours, saturday light showers as well. snow levels could drop down below late level because of the cold temperatures out there. over night staying in this single digits around the freezing mark in the afternoon. nothing to heavy like the storm we saw a few weekends ago. we will continue to keep that chance of showers and wet weather through the weekend.
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>> we are quiet and that traffic center and no fog advisory to contend with definitely no accidents. westbound 80 and the persian the top plaza completely in the clear right now. as you make your way across the upper deck no problem getting to the bridge either. san mateo bridge same story there, nice light conditions there. traffic moving fine in both directions of '92. now back up at the toll plaza. such about 101 toward san francisco looks good, nice light traffic starts from novato, past 37, to the toll plaza. walnut creek traffic on the right-hand side of your screen moving at the limit no problems for westbound 24, clear shot through the caldecott tunnel. public
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transportation is running on a normal schedule so we do not have ace train today. if you're headed to this year you will need changes for 88. >> a man, woman, a toddler were killed in oakland in a fire. kron 4 is cresting connolly explains the fire may have started from a surfeit overload. the power was turned off with the before christmas. >> a makeshift memorial since those are the burned out building where mother, three year-old daughter, a man died. you can see the court tinkling from the burned out apartment, neighbors say the downstairs ran accord upstairs so the family could get electricity. the power was cut off in the early december. neighbors say it's a sad situation. >> it's hard to take in that they didn't have electricity
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during the holidays. >> up pg&e will not comment on this case because of confidentiality but they did say the power shut off to an apartment in the for unit building. >> it's a horrible tragedy we understand these are difficult financial times what customers to know we want a work with them. >> the power was cut off december 2nd pg&e does have a program during the holidays suspending shops from december 18th until january 2nd. the building was in foreclosure neighbor said the flames were intense, a family friend was able to save the seven year-old girl from the blaze. >> she helped the seven year-old girl, she ran next door and then he ran inside again in got trapped. >> a federal judge has ordered
4:36 am
police officer to be released on bail is the rights trial on fraud and conspiracy charges. he is accused of supplying confidential information to help the angels member to settle a debt to. they agreed to release him on $100,000 bond if he forfeits his passport. alameda county officers arrested 15 people as a huge one sweep more than 1000 warrants were served to people who failed to show up in court on thank you charges. >> turnaround put your hand behind your back we have a warrant. >> 21 law enforcement agencies we are cracking down on thank
4:37 am
you drivers. >> they put award before we got done with them. >> we don't want them to refund and potentially kill other motorists on the roadway. people that were contacted today not only was and then an arrest but some people were irresponsible and driving under the influence but some people didn't go to court. some and not have gone to the classis, that is another why we want you off the roadway we don't want you to drive because that irresponsibility can cause them or somebody else their lives. >> this year 17 days we began 17th of december and continues through the holiday. 897 arrest warrants were served last year. a truck traffic nightmare in san jose will soon be over least that's what highway experts are
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open forum. >> thises the expressway and over burma road that backstop an example is these cars coming off of 85 the interchange they come on to can not high handle the load. it was before the area got saturated to the county will send the spend $8 million to fix the problem. it feeds cause colds and a mall and the on ramp that is a lot to handle so they wind it they will widen it to five lanes. it will get more turn lanes in every direction, an extra lane year for highway 85, all work begins in march it will be completed next thanksgiving. >> this week's storm has
4:39 am
undermined a pacific apartment building kron 4 is daniel gives us a closer look. >> the storm that pass through the bay area tuesday didn't help the situation in the subject of a large chunk of the cliff fell and one building is standing on its cliff. the situation looks grim for one but building a city leaders are figuring out what to do since the owners cannot, for with any new plan. it's a question and if there and eliminate the danger but the city is trying to get a plan and they are meeting with the building owners next week to see what the next up will be. >> at 4:38 a.m. taking a break. a lot from the bay bridge approach, traffic nice and light, hopefully it will stay that way all day long as we make ready to ring in the new year. we will be right back
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the nasty whether that's what through the east to put a chill on holiday spending. >> each year at the gallup polls track how much we spend a week by week. the deepening, caused shoppers to close the door wallets before christmas. the next year's spending was down and stayed down, this year after a dip they bounced back in the trend was looking up. then came the blizzard of 2010, as the mercury drops they pause pass depots christmas sales spending was down 24%, 55 percent in the midwest, 46 in the east, west, it was much smaller crop. >> a shopper track estimates as
4:42 am
snowstorms reduced post christmas spending by $1 billion in total. the company says retailers will recover that during the holiday week. the big game showing up for stamford at maples as a number of number eight to take on the yukon. you can't coming in with the winning streak in the first half. goes in and out them back in print first part of the game. the base line jumper 12 points and six rebounds. the cote d'or likes what she sees. mayor marc cuts the lead to 4. 5-15 as she was hounded by the defense. she finished with 31 points-9 rebounds. break through but that
4:43 am
there but it was not enough. stanford players celebrating. >> we are very excited about how well our team play. obviously conn was agreed upon it. i compliment them on how hard they played in how well they played. tonight was stamford night. >> we were totally out of character they took us out of their characters are character. whenever we been then however way we've done it. we were allowed to do that tonight. that's because of what they did. >> we are focused on what we needed to do defensively which was the key. a lot of people stepped up and made big plays even if it might have shown on the stat sheet. >> the streak ended at stamford the eulachons 90 game winning
4:44 am
streak to started here. >> casino bosses are serving notice to the bandits that made off with the chips from the blotchy all those chips worth $25,000 will be worth less they are giving public notice it is discounting its chip value and calling for all gamblers to redeem them by april 22nd. they have been working since december 14th to find that bandit. if you have film gathering dust you might as well lose them. toss them right now the last lab the processes this film has to shut down. the only lab still left processing that film. it had 700 rolls a day from all of the
4:45 am
world. kodak's stock making the chemicals needed to process the film. so the end of an error. at 4:44 a.m. we will be right back. a shot from our walnut creek a camera there ride moving pretty well. just a handful of cars out there.
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for 40 4:00 a.m., we are 19 hours and 14 minutes and 30 seconds away from the new year this morning. let's check our forecast. >> the morning mark. downtown san francisco you can see the lights out there looks festive. cold start this morning we are looking at patchy frost as well, partly cloudy this afternoon it could get breezy toward the end of the day, the rain sets and just in time for new year's eve festivities.
4:47 am
certainly have something handy an umbrella, raincoat, current temperatures we are at the freezing mark in santa rosa, 34 napa, a 33 for livermore, south bay into low 40's, future cast 4 shows to our started the north bay and then bringing a chance along the peninsula by the 9:00 hour, as we head towards midnight we will keep it chance of showers for everybody, heading into the new year at showers as well, wet weather tomorrow on and off showers through a good portion of the day tomorrow. no heavy downpours or we could see snow showers this evening, and through saturday, sunday. political level we could see some cold temperatures keeping the snow levels down, a look to your 7
4:48 am
day around the bay and you can see on, showers through the weekend the light chance to sunday after that it looks like mainly sunny turn next week >> no accidents or incidents to contend with at this hour if you are making the trek across the bay bridge and you won't have any cars to deal with for the upper deck. the metering lights cycle loss so no problem is coming from many approaches nine minutes from the foot of the maze as you approach fremont streets there francisco. san mateo bridge no problem in either direction traffic on the other side you can see barely see the telling traffic on the left-hand side bright lights eastbound and hayward. no problems another direction.
4:49 am
traffic moving at the limit. the south bay no hot spots or to slow spots a live shot right near troubled accrues knew the 87 interchange. no problem here as you make your way up toward 7 clara. >> winter's storms continued to batter states across the west. washington, arizona, new mexico. heavy snow is keeping crews busy everybody tried it in a halt ahold of this. i 90 has been shut down after a crash during wednesday night during the rush hour. half a foot of snow is being reported in some spots. more than 1 ft. of snow could fall in flagstaff arizona. 18 people were evacuated after the cold threaten an apartment complex. 18 ft. deep and is under part of a two-story nobody
4:50 am
is an hurt the have found a place for the tenants to stay. officials estimate flooding from the storms there has caused at least seven and a half million dollars in road damage. that number could go higher but estimates indicate repairs will take between six months to a full year. 2010 has been a banner year for bad behavior one reporter captured it all. stanley roberts bring that the best of bad behavior. >> people behaving badly arrested in francisco streets >> some people in the bay area has now become a focus on. so it's only fitting we take a look at 2010 and what caught the attention. it's amazing the
4:51 am
simple act of walking or on the city you can find your use oranges just lying around, everything i sent you was just a few hours of strolling the streets. we discovered oakland parking meters cannot be trusted to give you the correct time. this seems not all meters are created equal. i'm not talking about electronic meters like this, the old-fashioned tropical and in st. meters. we learned the more things change the more they stay the same. about 2:15 a.m., fight breaks out in this parking lot on broadway. it was over this girl sitting in the court that apparently some choice words were exchanged, at this rate car bomb the court at some punches were thrown and it was downhill from that. then there were changes to the bay bridge. ever since july 1st there has been a major change for the bay bridge toll lanes.
4:52 am
drivers test have three people to qualify for car pull however it's no longer free. she's not going to budge even with other drivers honking. of course we can't forget bay to breakers. being drunk in public is one thing, having to friends help you from falling down is another, having a stranger pull up your pants because your rear is exposed is priceless. >> she gets out to point at the scene of the disaster was the driver waits, then seconds later she jumps back in. only so the driver can block traffic and parking in the left-hand turn mind to keep watching for five minutes. >> and now that i have this ticket i will ride to muni until
4:53 am
its will to pop off. >> normally i report on the people behaving badly but today it will be me. i'm about to tell tens of thousands of many writers have taken ride for free. you heard me for free. apparently these gates will open with nothing more than a wave of your hand. later it occurred, or rate wave your hand. the next day they were trying out the new clipper ride. as the year came close to an end we found oakland schools were called due to maintenance issues. >> we briefed on one another. if i forgot one and go to kron 4 and watch them again. will see you in 2011 that you for your suggestions.
4:54 am
>> we will take a break and go outside a quick look this morning checking the situation out of the embarcadero. new york prep is under way.
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for 50 5:00 a.m., when people strike 12 many people be toasting, many more kissing. there's no nothing more iconic than the new york is kiss. did you know who you kiss at midnight determined whether year when to have good fortune or box. >> just the mention makes people blush. still many willet met, it's the first and then do. and
4:57 am
wouldn't dare mess when the clock strikes 12 new year's eve. >> i set my alarm because i'm not going to make it until midnight. i reached over and save money is time for my kids. >> the tradition that started with the romans the she says still today kiss someone of a good hard you are in for your good fortune. >> if you kiss somebody missed areas or in a suspicious you might be headed down a pass path of not good luck. >> freshen up before a kiss and especially the been drinking. >> hold off on kissinger in the day to make it more exciting. keep it simple and if you're single don't fret kissing is for everyone. grabber friend, low
4:58 am
one, pat. >> its license to kill us so i encourage people to be spontaneous. >> in washington. >> of course you don't have to leave your living room to enjoy the celebration tonight here we will air new year's live. catherine and are owned or jurassic will cohost it. june and for the news at eleven and keeping here for the 1138 new year's luck party. we will be right back.
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coming up of 5:00 a.m. on the morning news happy new year. it is is sydney australia ringing in 2011 as the clock just
5:01 am
strikes midnight. allow us strongly in a cdc rain and the new year. every hour i knew area brings in the new year. a live look at the golden gate bridge. barely a car out there unfortunately we are talking about rain for new year. >> be prepared for a few sprinkles around midnight. just in time for the new year bringing in and with the wet weather. downtown san francisco clear conditions once again will be cool of their san francisco is one of the warmer spots this morning at 44 degrees else where we see 36, don't be surprised if they get into the 20s as we see sun rise. by noontime into the 40's, the high today 51, here's a look at your new year's forecast. partly cloudy for today as we head into the end of
5:02 am
the day starting to see a bit of a breeze and the new year's eve brings a chance of rain. we could see wet weather as we headed to midnight in your new year. new year continues to bring light rain on and off throughout the day. current temperatures in the 30's we are right around freezing in san rosa, below freezing in napa, fairfield, cooler in samper's san rafaesan rafael, a few spots through the north bay in as we head towards your later evening hours we get a better chance for everybody. by midnight what a good chance for everybody getting a few raindrops. light rain but then in to saturday me it may be some watered-down ports of for the most part we will continue with those showers throughout a good portion of saturday. if you're headed to
5:03 am
the sara it should be dry and we should pickup's showers chant continues through the weekend. snow levels could stable lake level we have cold aaron place. temperatures will be chile into the single digits. 7 day around the bay shows wet weather we're not talking about a big storm just a chance of getting one toward your evening. let's get a check gone yet been met with arafat. >> on the problems the journal light conditions around the bay area especially westbound 80 the approach to the bay bridge and looks like we are having holiday light and friday light. those lights and the cycle off at the bridge right now 18 minute trip down to the base. your writing that retail bridge westbound an eastbound, no problems here those taillights on the right-hand side headed
5:04 am
towards foster city, traffic on the left-hand side of those bright lights headed east bound into hayward. no back up at the toll plaza nine minutes across the span. golden gate bridge pretty much the same story there no problems in the southbound direction, they are reconfiguring the lines right now saw an extra lane will be added in the next couple minutes. the only accident is said about 880 rate at a street. it is sitting on the shoulder chp is with that. we are in the grain so it is not having any back up. public transportation today no problems to report, are a reminder there will be no ace train service today. >> half a million people expected to ring in the new year 250,000 expected here at the embarcadero. today more news faster return to yoli live with
5:05 am
more on the preparations. >> could morning mark parent not whole lot is going on at this moment. they were laying down these barricades, between washington, michigan this will be closed off to traffic, it is rolling through right now. that is the most activity that does happen in terms of preparations. their effect expecting to under 50,000 people here to watch the fireworks in front of the building down the embarcadero. if you can make it down here you will want a bundle up it is cold and there's a possibility of rain be prepared. if you don't come out here we will carry it live so people come watch all the activities that are happening down here. >> thank you for the update authority is urging people if
5:06 am
our alcohol is involved take public transportation. will tran says many of the free options are around the bay area. >> bar will have extra trains to help people get around tonight especially in and out of san francisco. keep in mind our plans to skip some downtown stations are rides will not be freed. ball will be free is muni, that begins at 8:00 p.m. tonight running until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. caltrans is also free add the lamb p.m. tonight. tonight reporting from oakland will tran kron 4 news. >> please are ready and will be cracking down on drinking tonight. zero tolerance for open containers underage drinking and driving under the influence. for those who decide to drive there
5:07 am
are rides available. >> we want people to come and have fun, we want to do so in a safe manner, anyone who believes they can strike back will drum because they are going to save money they're making a grave mistake. >> if you're too intoxicated to drive aaa have a one-way rides as well as a free one way to pose for the car. being a member is not a requirement. taken manager of the tips ito. tell the operator you need that tipsy toe. you don't have to leave the lever arm to enjoy the celebration stay here much kron 4. it is the only local new year's show in the bay area. we hope to see to night and 11th
5:08 am
for the news and then 1134 the party.
5:09 am
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big-name showing up at stamford. 90 game winning streak the cardinals the last team to beat the yukon and 990 days to go back into the us an aide. they come out strong and early the cardinal coach likes what she sees. stanford players with the big game celebrating snapping yukon's record. >> we are excited about how well our team played. obviously conn was a great opponent. i compliment them on how hard they played and how well they played. tonight was stanford's night. >> we were out of character the stamp for the way they played took us out of our character. whoever we are, what however way
5:12 am
we've done it, we were not allowed to do that tonight. that's because of what they did. >> we were focused on what we needed to do defensively, that was the key, a lot of people stepped up and made big plays even if it doesn't show on the stat sheet. >> the long history over at 90 games. stanford was the last team to beat you, and in 2008 in the n.c.a.a. tournament. we will be right back as the news continues the golden gate bridge quiet out there not much in the way of traffic. as far as temperatures it is called a lot look at the north bay in san rosa right now. tempter down near the freezing mark.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
oil, weather forecasts for a mere receipt licence the latest >> i hate put this that are on
5:16 am
your desk this morning we are clear and dry we have a really nice shot of downtown san francesco, we are dealing with cool temperatures as well. patchy for us this morning by afternoon partly cloudy conditions and breezy. into the evening light rain on tap for your new year's eve. rainout current temperatures around freezing in san rosa, below freezing around 31 in fairfield, 33 in livermore valley. satellite radar shows a clear conditions right now however we have a storm system in the later part of your day bringing showers and to the northwestern part of your state, and by midnight we could be getting sprinkles. we will take you through the time line as we head about midnight we could actually see maybe a 10th of an inch in the north bay. not
5:17 am
talking about a biggy event but we could pick up a few sprinkles, on and off through the day new year's day, by the time the day is over we could get half an inch in san francisco. tahoe from forecast brings a snow showers, especially towards evening we could pick up some snow showers. saturday on, off snow showers for the day seen what your son is well. cold temperatures right around freezing in the afternoon, into the evening dropping down into the single digits. we will be chilly if you're headed that direction. 7 day around the bay, shores continuing throughout the weekend, next week we have a better chance of staying dry. cold temperatures are warming up, slightly into the weekend as well but we will continue to see a chance of wet weather as we head through your new year's eve, >> traffic will be nice light
5:18 am
for the rest of today just like we've seen for the past couple of weeks. no problems out there few minor accidents currently sitting on the corner. if you're headed to the south bay that trembled and accrues pass 87 light traffic and has them problem free expression of this morning. taillights northbound towards and clear. crosstown freeways look good last time i checked it was a ghost town out there. just a couple cars in bound central and james like. no problems southbound pass ups buildings, and san francisco airport. if you are headed eastbound it is also a problem for the commute. updating conditions a moment craig no problems for north dorset's southbound. traffic on the right-hand side of your screen towards the top headed toward san ramon valley clear shot westbound 24 also delayed free this morning. traffic is moving
5:19 am
at the limit. if you're headed to the sierra spring chain's 480, or 50, you only need them radiate. >> police chief said officers acted lawfully monday the shot as stabbing suspect in the four toland neighborhood wednesday afternoon. they gathered last night to address the public's concern to the cheap admitted the outcome could of been different if officers were equipped with a taser spirit the commissioner doesn't agree she feels taser should not be used when dealing with somebody who has a mental illness. >> they are not foolproof, if somebody has madison or alcohol in their system that combination could result in death. >> the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave. in hayward and officer
5:20 am
sorry a man pulled a not weapon on an officer. a large hunting knife was taken from the scene he were police are not releasing that identity of the officer. a federal judge has ordered santa clara clara police officer to europe be released on bond. clay pictured here is the plight of confidential information to help angel's member to settle a doubt. a judge agreed to release him on a hundred thousand dollar bond if he forfeits his passport. despite his rowley he will remain in jail until he is on bail on related state charges. in fremont to people seriously injured. 3800 block of logan drive they found two
5:21 am
apartments engulfed in flames. neighbors pull the man from the apartment before crews arrived he had third degree burns in several parts of his body. there was an elderly woman that was pulled to safety. the investigation is underway. we will be back as the news continues, the embarcadero this morning as preparations get continues, the embarcadero this morning as preparations get under way for new year's eve. u=b(b]@@
5:22 am
5:23 am
a live look at tall whole. there is snow on the roadways. trucks are flying by with no problem. a lot of snow in the thier the sierra for this new year's. >> rescue crews thursday morning who went missing while snowboarding at a lake tahoe- area resort. searchers spotted the body of shawnte marie willis, 25, of tahoma from a down to willis' body, which was in a tree well. willis appears to have crashed while snowboarding although what caused her to die will not be known until an autopsy can be performed next week. willis became separated from her
5:24 am
friends tuesday afternoon at alpine meadows ski resort. the word about her epilepsy. there is one highway that leads to yosemite national park is closed. 140 has been shut down after boulder slams into the road. nobody was hurt but the chp is not taking chances entrances shut down over night. the roadway is expected to reopen today. storm tracker for watching weather across the country every rain in the chicago area right now. in the dakotas still snow there over to omaha as well. we had blowing snow in north dakota. the final day of 2010 proving to be a challenging one we have blizzard
5:25 am
conditions in north dakota. 100 cars and trucks involved in this accident along i 94 as the winds pick up this snow. road conditions so bad crews had to rescue people on foot and by snow bill as well. many people were injured in this accident. road conditions in minnesota and these are the addresses in fort fergus falls. two fatal accidents from this storm. warm temperatures melted snow and then a cool down and caused ice. their roots are still treacherous this morning. we will be back as the news continues. this new year's eve morning is very quiet and just 18 hours and 35 minutes until the beginning of the new year's.
5:26 am
5:27 am
5:28 am
5:29 am
welcome back alive look from mt. tam. those shots from our roof camera and mt. tam left it is cold this morning we are expecting rain. >> we should have the use of san francisco until midnight so when everybody's outside celebrating we could get sprinkles. clear shot of the bay bridge approach and cold as mark mentioned. by noon time getting into '50s, high temperatures 54 and then back down to low '40's by 8:00 p.m.. your new year's eve forecast is partly cloudy through the day sobriquets of sunshine today. breezy towards the end of the day and we could actually get a chance of rain into the late evening hours. new year's eve into your new year's day we will have a chance of wet weather around. right light rain throughout the day new year's day. for this morning temperatures are cooled below freezing in the napa valley, 31
5:30 am
for field, 32 interest and rows of this morning. low '40's in the south bay. future cast 4 giving you an idea of what weather. by 9:00 slight chance of showers in the north bay along the peninsula is what bringing a better chance the later we get. ran around midnight we can get a few sprinkles, heavier downpours early morning hours. throughout the day saturday we will see hit or miss, on and off showers. nothing too happy. if you're headed to the sierra cool temperatures measured by the lot. overnight temperatures down into the single digits also expecting snowfall. on and off snow showers expected to appear 7 day around the bay temperatures in the '50s, by the weekend we will start to warm up
5:31 am
slightly, keeping a chance of wet weather until about monday, will dry up after that. >> we are seeing a couple of more cars on the road. an emphasis on a couple, was pinned down toward the bay bridge we are not tracking and the weights. no problems for the upper deck and traffic moves at the limit. san mateo bridge this morning that's also good note problems at the direction of '92, nice light conditions in the westbound direction. yesterday we were following the problem because the lights were out at the san mateo bridge to passage will cause the along the highwayhigh rise. but that is ne case today. they added the fourth lane for the southbound
5:32 am
direction of problems through marin county. just to really emphasize on how like the traffic is i will take you through our maps westbound highway 4 at antioch are slow spot of the morning traffic is still living in the green. 61 mi. an hour. good day for public transportation as well no problems for the majority of our systems. there is no ace train service today. >> half a million people expected to come in and bring in the new year 50 to one and 50,000 at the embarcadero. yoli is like they're watching in the preparations. >> could morning mark as you mentioned years past they had 250,000 people down here this is why they have a barricade out. there is no set time as to when
5:33 am
they will put the barricades out but they will do it as needed. as people shopping crowd shot in anticipation of the fireworks they will start putting up barricades. they expected everybody shows up like they did last year it will probably be closed off between washington, mission street. these barricades will then be placed up for when the car crowd to come. it depends on how many people come down. in the meantime road are open and will stay open until the crowds come down. >> san francisco police are ready they will be cracking down on drinking zero tolerance for open containers, under age drinking, driving under the influence. transit agencies are offering free rides and extended service to ring in the new year.
5:34 am
this is the 11th year of free transportation available on many trains and buses between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.. cal train will be free after midnight and are will have extra trains and staying open until 3:00 a.m.. saddam tram will be open and free from 11:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m.. and cta will be free from 7:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m., you can call a travel 8 it will give you free one-way rides and it will tell your car free. even if you're not a member it's called poughkeepsie tel. if you need a tell you can call. tell the operator you needed tipsy out. of course you can their own you don't have to leave the living room we will carry it with you
5:35 am
here as kron 4 will be airing new years to life it's the only show based here in the bay area we hope to see you tonight for the news and then the 1130 for the party. we'll be right back as news continues to live look here from times square it is cold in new york as this snow removal just about over. people are already starting to gather for the.
5:36 am
5:37 am
5:38 am
seven day forecast sunshine even though it is cold out there. it looks like rain for new year's eve and scattered showers on and off for saturday, sunday drying out monday, sunshine but still chilly as we move into early next week. waiting for the opening bell on wall street in less than an hour. today is a federal holiday spot futures are
5:39 am
off slightly on what's expected to be light trading day. the market ending up 2010 on an upbeat note s&p the dow, both up 14% for the year. the dow was back to levels we have not seen since august 2008. the three games had could harm eyesight's of children under the age of six. specialists believe the 3 d images would send different images could affect the vision in small children a company is calling 17 t of work on. a california company is recalling approximately 34,373 pounds of organic ground beef products that may be contaminated with e. coli bacteria. first class foods inc. of hawthorne reports that each package label bears the establishment number "est. 18895." the ground beef products were produced on dec. 7 and dec. 16 and were shipped to retail establishments in california, new jersey, new york, north carolina, wisconsin and washington state. the problem was discovered through company sampling which confirmed
5:40 am
a positive result for e. coli. the agriculture department's food safety and inspection service and the company have received no reports of illnesses associated with these products. two beaches remain closed for routine testing caused showed contamination. the beaches were closed december 22nd and they will remain off limits until fall of their testing can be done. that won't happen until monday. we will be back as the news continues, the golden gate bridge right now quiet as we have the new year's live countdown on our top right hand side of this green. don't forget the 1130 we have our live show.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
kron 4 morning news time right now is 542, the last day of 2010 we are off to cold start. temperatures into the 30's in
5:44 am
many locations. 44 by noontime getting up to 49 year high today of 51. back down to upper 40's by 8:00 p.m. your new year's eve forecast partly cloudy today and a bit breezy as well. chance for rain sitting in on your new year's eve. then it looks like we will see light rain for new year's day. on, off the throughout the day. this morning temperatures are colder outside we are below freezing in places like napa, san rosa, fairfield and in through the livermore valley. in the south bay low 40's. here satellite radar shows clear conditions right now but all the cloud cover in the pacific is headed our way bringing showers just in time for your new year's eve. around the time they will want be out
5:45 am
and about we will see shores kicking and. chance of showers by the 10:00 hour. by 11:00 p.m. everybody a chance of light showers. by midnight chance of showers continues. early morning hours saturday with the heavier downpours your majority on your saturday. light rain for your saturday. if you're headed to the sierra snow falls as well the best time to leave will be this morning. as we head into the end of the day snow showers that continues read the weekend. nothing to heavy but it will be cold up there with the overnight temperatures dipping down into the single digits. 7 day around the bay shows morning temperatures starting to warm up over the weekend. we continue to get wet weather round and the beginning of next week. by tuesday, wednesday trying out mainly sunny. >> the good news as aaa free conditions around the bay area
5:46 am
no problems, no accidents to contend with. the san ramon valley walnut creek no problems, traffic moving at the limit. alamo and danville traffic at top speeds. westbound 24 also looks good through lafayette. san francisco traffic and update crosstown freeway's demise and light few cars on the road both the inbound central and jim slack. no slowdown at the split this ride continues to move while making your way toward san francisco airport. the ride towards sfo under 15 minutes. the house bank no hot spots or slow spots, taillights that there are a couple more cars on the road traffic is still at the limit no back up on 87, southbound direction is also in very good shape. if you're going to the zero this morning you don't need your chains for 80, 50 but keep them
5:47 am
handy for 88. >> retired firefighter will be ringing and the new year i as an up millionaire. he won $8.4 million to playing megabucks a slot machine. it produces small t million dollars in payoffs once or twice a year. notice to the bandit who made off with 1 million and half and chips from a lot shiel. $25,000 chips will soon be worth less. public notice it is discontinuing its standard chips valued at $25,000 calling for gamblers holding the chips to redeem them. casino officials have been working since the 14th highest to catch that that. if you still have roles of film you may want to toss them the last lap in the
5:48 am
world that process to the film has shut down. the lab has developing 700 rolls a day from all over the world. thursday was the last day because kodak stopped making the chemicals. duane's photo has run out of those what chemicals. times square is one of the biggest celebrations in the world 1 million people expected to be their security will be tight. >> 3, 2, 1, alt happy new year explanation. >> behind-the-scenes the new york city's police department is gearing up for a massive security operation. >> this is the nerve center. commissioner ray kelly says the department updates every year to care crowd of the that moscow
5:49 am
through metal detectors and barricades. backpacks are banned. >> a device is that somebody may bring in on their person. of best of some sort explosives on the body. cars and manhole covers are being sealed appeared armed police officers will be on rooftops. the commissioner says the department is looking to learn from terror. >> this is the first new year's eve since the attempted bombing in may. >> and the lessons learned from that? >> a lot of lessons we were very lucky. he was not on our radar screen.
5:50 am
>> kim was the like these now feed into this nerve center. authorities say there are 400 police and private cameras just- in-time to where they can be monitored. the private sector works with the pleas tim president of the times square alliance says people staying in hotels are restricted in terms of where they can go. >> they'd think you can wander into times where it's absolutely not. once to the pens are filled it is locked down. >> the crowd could be anywhere from 750,000 to 1 million people. >> this is a big complex operation. you pre the outside of relief when it is over. >> result to your address have given nypd in his words to pause for concern but he adds there are no specific threats against
5:51 am
near the city. >> we know about the ball drop but what about the fleet dropped more on that coming up after a break. nice looking into at mt. tam inland spots are near freezing, rain and forecasts for new year's eve. join the jaguar platinum celebration !
5:52 am
come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your bay area jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf.
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5:54 am
celebrating lead. as lethal. 2010 has been a banner year for bad behavior and one reporter was there to capture it all. stanley roberts brings us the best of the bad behavior. bimah people behaving badly around san francisco street. bella and the
5:55 am
bay area has become a folk song. so it's fitting way to look at 2010 and what caught my attention >> sublime of walking her on the sedate discovering use the other's religious lying around. every show jewish found in just a few hours. we also discovered oakland parking meters cannot be trusted to give you the correct time. it seems not all leaders are created equal. and not talking about the new electronic meters on talking like the old fashioned from brooklyn and st. peter's. the more things change for the state the same in north beach. to 3:00 p.m. to fight breaks out in his party, on broadway. the fight was over in this rural sitting in a corvette. apparently choice
5:56 am
words were exchanged. and the score that was bought to and punches run it was downhill from that. there were changes to the bay bridge. july 1st there has been no major change with the bay bridge car pool lanes drivers need to have three people to qualify for crop cool however is no longer free. she is not willing to budge even with the other drivers honking. we cannot forget bay to breakers. being drunk the public is losing having to people s keep it from falling is another, having as stranger plot your assurance is priceless. there was this passenger who drowns out of the scar on silver not new. she gets out of one at the scene of the disaster will the driver waits. seconds later she gets back in. so the driver can
5:57 am
park in a left turn lane to keep watching for five months. >> and now that i have this ticket i will write me to will spot off. only a record on other people behaving badly but today it's going to be me. i'm about to tell tens of thousands of riders have the kind made four free. if you heard me for free. apparently this meaning gates will open with nothing more than a wave of your hand. it's the wave your card or wave your hand. the next day they were trying out the new free and clear ride. another year can close to and and we found out schools for all due to maintenance. >> i keep my room one biologist britain on one another. if a a a
5:58 am
kron forum on to the all again. i will see you in 2011 and did you for your help. insistences going stanley roberts kron 4 news. benoit we will be back in tunis.
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